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What are the training requirements for users of supported scaffolds?
• No individual may use a supported scaffold without a scaffold user certificate
• A user certificate must be obtained from OSHA, an OSHA-trained or certified
provider, or a provider of a four- (4) hour training course that has been reviewed
by the New York City Department of Buildings
How will I know which provider/vendor/company the Department has reviewed?
The Department has reviewed a number of courses and has posted the ones that were found
in keeping with the intent of the law on our website,
Who is exempt from the requirements pertaining to Local Law 52 of 2005?
Public utility employees performing work for the utility company on a supported scaffold,
provided the utility has a safety program for those employees, or that the employees who use
the scaffold are trained to recognize and control any hazards related to the scaffold
Are there exceptions to the Law?
Yes, there are:
• Putting up, taking down, repairing, maintaining or modifying:
• Any supported scaffold where the work is done by employees of a public
utility and
• The scaffold is located inside a building or structure owned or operated
by the utility and
• The utility has a safety training program for employees who perform this
• Use of a supported scaffold by public utility employees if the employees are
trained to recognize and control any hazards related to the scaffolds.
• Stand alone, one story sidewalk sheds.
What are the repercussions if the certificate cannot be produced upon request?
A violation may be written.
For more information, see Local Law 52 of 2005, available online at