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Finding your new construction job in New York is like a full time job. While the economy appears to be improving, job competition continues to be high. Finding the right way to stand out over others will make it more likely that your job search will end successfully. This article suggests a few of the ways you can stand out from other construction professionals and snag the job.


One of the first steps you should take is to evaluate your experience and education in the construction field. Make a list of jobs you held along with the experience and skills you developed. Think about how those skills would benefit your next employer. Make sure to include these experiences in your resume, or briefly describe them in your cover letter with your resume.

Many construction professionals have attended seminars, workshops, and classes both live and online to add to their education in the field. Make sure you list all of these educational experiences.

New York State is one of several states that now make mandatory OSHA 10 Hour Training a requirement for many public construction projects. New York State construction jobs usually start with a discussion of Ground Zero construction project. This is one of New York’s largest public nd private projects in the state. It requires most workers on the site to have completed the OSHA 10 Construction course before they can walk on to the project. The Madison Square Garden rennovation project is also one of the largest New York construction projects estimated to cost $500 million, and is the source of thousands of New York construction jobs.

This week,, U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced the Federal Highway Administration has approved 10,000 highway projects funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) since its passage in February. Many of those projects resulted in New York construction jobs.

There are several avenues you can take to secure employment. First you can go to an employment agency that specializes in construction type positions. Here you will go through an application and testing processes that will evaluate your abilities and experience, and recommend you to companies that are hiring. You can also send out your resume blindly to construction and architectural

firms to see if anyone is hiring. Finally you can search the Internet. Try being creative with your search. Try construction safety company sites such as the Construction Safety Council. They may have job bulletin boards, or may even be hiring themselves. Additionally you can try using a search engine using keywords like: construction safety jobs, construction jobs, safety inspection jobs, etc. If you are looking to gain employment in a specific area precede the above keywords with the name of the area you are interested in. Finally you can search web -based employment boards like:,,,, and Once you are at these sites you can enter the job description or name that you are looking for: construction safety manager, inspector, construction, etc.

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If you do not want to take these avenues, you may want to consider working for yourself, and hire out as a contractor. There are several ways you can drum up contract work. First you can create a flyer, or brochure, that lists your training and experience, and also provides an outline of services that you plan to offer and the price for your service. You may want to put a median price for your services and then next to it put “price is negotiable.” Send these flyers or brochures out to local construction and architectural firms. Make sure you read the newspaper everyday, and search the Legal section for “Requests for Proposals” for construction projects. Another area is, of course, the classified ads. You may also consider taking out a newspaper advertisement that introduces your services to your community. If you are still having trouble drumming up business try networking agencies, like the McGraw Hill Construction Network. Here you can make connections with companies with building projects that need a construction safety manager. Check online and in the phone book for local network organizations and small business organizations. These types of associations are valuable resources for mining leads.

In order to provide information about your services you may also want to set up a website that lists the same information you provided in your brochure: experience, training, certification, services that you provide, and a price list. Also include contact information like: phone, email, fax, mobile phone number, pager number, etc, and when you can be reached.

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