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Our Forklift Compliance Kit is an OSHA Compliant written program, easily customizable to your business
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Product Description :
The Forklift Compliance Kit is the complete solution for your business.  Written to the OSHA Powered Industrial Truck Standard 1910.178, it contains everything you need to start and maintain a training program to certify employees to use forklifts and other powered industrial trucks.
How does it work?
It’s easy!  Once you download the kit or receive it on CD, just open the QuickStart Checklist.  It will guide you through the development process of your program.  In just a few minutes, you will have an OSHA Compliant Powered Industrial Truck Program, training materials for your employees, a vehicle certification program, and all associated forms.
Who can teach forklift training?
OSHA says that it will be taught “by persons who have the knowledge, training, and experience to train powered industrial truck operators and evaluate their competence.”  Do you have a senior guy on site who has experience with forklifts?  Let them train the other employees.
Is it OSHA Compliant?  Does it certify us to operate forklifts?
We provide everything required by OSHA 29 CFR 1910.178, but only YOU can certify your employees to drive forklifts and other powered industrial trucks.  OSHA mandates that employees be trained on procedures, policies, hazards and vehicles that are specific to YOUR business.  No outside body or training video can do that.  We provide everything you need to create those programs, and the training outline shows you how to incorporate those into your training.  Once completed, you can certify your employees to drive forklifts and other powered industrial trucks.Forklift Training Topics Include:

Forklift TypesLateral StabilityForklift Loading
Forklift SelectionDynamic StabilityForklift Unloading
Modifications & AdditionsFuel StorageForklift Transit
Atmosphere RequirementsBattery ChargingSafety Precautions
Emissions ControlBattery HandlingAge Requirements
The Stability TriangleForklift InspectionTraining Requirements
Longitudnal StabilitySafe Forklift Operations +More

Forklift Compliance Kit Contents



 QuickStart Checklist A step by step guide to establishing your program.
 Forklift Written Program An OSHA Compliant written program, easily customizable to your business.
 Forklift License A forklift license template for your facility.
 Forklift PowerPoint A complete PowerPoint for training your employees.
 Wallet Card A Wallet Card Training Record Form for proof of training on the job site.
 Forklift Certification A certification document to evaluate your employees.
 Training MaterialsIn addition to the PowerPoint, the kit comes with a Training Outline, Participant Worksheet, Quiz, Answer key and Certificate of Completion.
 Forms All the forms and documentation you need to run your program.