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Accident: 101350643 – Electric Shock – Direct Contact With Overhead Line

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Two apprentice linemen were assigned the task of installing a grounded static line on a

deenergized 230-kilovolt overhead power line. The employees were working from an

insulated aerial lift. One of the employees had attached one end of a grounding cable to a

grounded phase conductor. He then moved the aerial lift bucket to the other phase

conductor. He had positioned the bucket so that this conductor was between the two

apprentices. The two employees were so close to the conductor that the second

apprentice had to bend backwards to avoid contacting the conductor. The employees had

not tested the conductor for voltage. The first apprentice grabbed the conductor with his

bare hand while he was holding the grounding cable. The phase conductor was energized

by induced current, and the employee was electrocuted.


Accident: 200550457 – Electric Shock – Direct Contact With Overhead Line