Construction Worker Jobs:  Average Salary: $34,170 (US & World Report)

With little to no experience, a general construction laborer or helper could get hired to do odd tasks on a site, and just about every construction site needs workers to assist with loading and unloading materials, making measurements, digging ditches, operating equipment, and clean-up.  General construction laborers often don’t have any formal education requirement or licensing to start work, so the spectrum of “experience” someone has working in this field is immense. The most seasoned and multifaceted have the best opportunities, while the rookies will likely get entry level jobs. This occupation could be a great springboard into another branch of construction, and some of the time spent working under a master electrician, plumber, or carpenter could count toward the practical hours needed in a skilled trades apprenticeship.

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Ironworkers surprised by photographer, while e...

Ironworkers surprised by photographer, while erecting the steel frame of a new building, at the Massachusetts General Hospital, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)