OSHA Outreach Trainer Watch List-WARNING Don’t be fooled by cheap courses! NYC SUSPENDED TRAINERS: Michael Dinardo Revoked Astoria NY RMEC-004078 Grover Drakeford Revoked Long Island City NY 9619 Larry Fontanez Suspended Hurley NY 362 Anthony Guglielmo Revoked Staten Island NY RMEC-003695 Darrell Inniss Revoked Bronx NY RMEC-002779 Junior Lewis Revoked Jamaica NY RMEC-004337 Tyrone Nichols Revoked Brooklyn NY 647 Derrick Williams Suspended Mount Vernon NY C0055800 To become an authorized trainer, you must complete a required OSHA trainer course and follow the OSHA requirements for training and recordkeeping. Most OSHA authorized trainers are highly experienced safety professionals and abide by the OSHA required rules, but there are a number of trainers whose status as an authorized OSHA outreach trainer has been suspended or revoked as a result of failing to comply with the Outreach Training Program guidelines. Don’t be fooled by low prices and guarantees of getting your OSHA 10 card without attending the required training. Some fakes promise you will get your OSHA Card immediately…this can never happen. Others will conduct the class in one day…this is a violation of OSHA regulations so you should be suspicious!. Make sure your instructor is not on the OSHA Watch List. False claims of having received training, may result in prosecution under 18 U.S.C. 1001. Potential penalties include substantial criminal fines, imprisonment up to five years or both. It’s not worth the crime -you’ll do the time. Get your OSHA 10 card from an authorized OSHA 10 instructor. OSHA will continue to refer fraudulent activity to the Labor Department’s Office of Inspector General, and trainers who are found falsifying information will be subject to criminal prosecution. The public is asked to call the Outreach Training Program fraud hotline at (847) 725-7810 to file complaints about program fraud and abuse.