On July 18, 2008 a new labor law was passed in NY State protecting construction workers.  This law required that on all public work projects of at least $250,000.00, all laborers, workers and mechanics working on the site, be certified as having successfully completed the OSHA 10-hour construction safety and health course.   New York State joined several other states in requiring that workers receive safety training in order to reduce deaths and accidents on construction sites.  The OSHA 10 Hour course focuses on the most critical safety training needed for workers.   Anyone can take the OSHA 10 training class.  You do not need prior work experience or specific education.  Classes are taught by OSHA authorized instructors who have been trained by OSHA and can authorized cards to be issued to attendees.

Contractors need to comply as well as they must provide proof of training for all their employees.

Proof of completion may include but is not limited to: • Copies of bona fide course completion card (Note: Completion cards do not have an expiration date.) • Training roster, attendance record of other documentation from the certified trainer pending the issuance of the card. • Other valid proof

Because OSHA 10 cards may not be received by attendees for up to 90 days, OSHA encourages trainers to provide “temporary” proof in an effort to aide employees looking for jobs between the time they complete the course and they receive the cards.  Most authorized trainers provi

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English: Logo for the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

de certificates of completion that includes the name of the student, the training organization and name of the instructor and date completed.  Even online providers provide “temporary” certificates.  Nonetheless, there are a few employers who insist on job candidates producing the cards.  This is contrary to the directives of the State of NY and OSHA and prevents many job seekers from getting hired until their cards arrive.

Employers can easily verify the authenticity of “temporary” cards, but choose not to.  Training rosters and other proof of attendance are valid evidence of completion and can easily be faxed to employers.

Let’s hope that employers will educate themselves better when it comes to hiring these workers and allow job seekers to be hired without having to wait until their OSHA 10 Hour Construction cards arrive.