NEW!  Add the 4 Hour Scaffolding class to your OSHA registration when you check out, or take the class by itself in the Bronx, Queens or Brooklyn .  You will be taught by a Department of Buildings (DOB) authorized trainer on all DOB safety protocols and the proper use of equipment for fall protection, safe working procedures and hazard recognition. Add the OSHA 10 Hour Construction training and save.

Upon successful completion of the 4 Hour Scaffolding class, you will receive a temporary certificate and your photo ID card will arrive at your door in about two weeks.  The 4 hour pipe scaffold training in the Bronx is required by the Department of Buildings NYC.

4 Hour Scaffold Training class is required for all construction workers that use pipe scaffolds of any height. This includes single sections, baker scaffolds, as well as larger installations.
The four hour certificate allows you to work on supported (pipe) scaffolds of any height. It also allows you to set up small sections of supported scaffolds as long as they are not more than 40′ tall or more than 40′ above the street level.

scaffold training in the bronx