The plastic OSHA 10 cards will become available starting March 1, 2016, but will be phased in over time. OSHA does not maintain student records for training conducted by other organizations or by authorized Outreach trainers. Trainers request cards from their Authorizing Training Organization (ATO) ATOs have discretion for when they will switch from paper cards to plastic cards. If you are concerned, please ask your trainer to clarify with their ATO as to whether the plastic cards will be available for your class.

If you do receive a paper card, it is possible to obtain a replacement card later, but there will be a nominal fee determined by the ATO. In order to obtain transcripts or copies of course completion documents such as student course completion cards, you must contact the original training provider. Please note that replacement student course completion cards for OSHA Outreach Training Program classes cannot be issued for training completed more than three years ago. Only one replacement card may be issued per student per class (Outreach Training Program Requirements section VI.E.(2)).

osha 10 card