OSHA 10 Renewal Class in NY

Many people call to inquire whether an OSHA 10 card is a permanent card.  The answer is “yes” but…in every state the card is permanent- even NY state.  However  NYC holders of an OSHA 10 card must take an OSHA 10 Renewal Class once every five years.

Is there an OSHA 10 Renewal Class in NY that I can take?

There is no OSHA 10 renewal class.  You must actually complete and pay for the entire class again even if you hold an OSHA 10 card.  The class is held over two days (five hours a day with a break, which may be different then when you first got your card.  NYC takes construction safety seriously and wants to make sure all of the safety training requirements are fresh in your mind.

Can I just pay for the OSHA 10 renewal class in NY without attending class?

Unfortunately the OSHA 10 renewal class is not like a driver’s license where you send in your money and get a new license.  NYC requires you take the class over again in its entirety.

Where can I take the OSHA 10 Renewal Class in NY?

OSHA 10 NY has been providing OSHA authorized training since 2004 in the 5 boroughs.  We have weekly classes during the day, evening and weekends.  Check our class calendar for the most convenient class.  Our schedule is updated weekly on Sundays.

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