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OSHA 10 & HR Training University make online safety and human resources training easy! All our courses have been reviewed and accepted by OSHA for online distribution. Over 10,000 online students have received their OSHA training cards using this method.
Your Business is appreciated! If online training is not right for you…consider our live, instructor led classes in the metro NY area.

If you are a student seeking assistance, please visit our support page or send an email to and be sure to include your contact information.

If you are looking to purchase multiple courses for your employees and students please fill out the Corporate Account Set Up and either Email to or Fax to 800-295-2550 If you want a quote for on-site training, just call or email us. We usually respond within 2 hours with a quote and we are available to train 24×7. (Minimum number of students, 10). We train in English, Spanish and Chinese.

OSHA 10 NY (
The Training Center, 32 East 31 Street, New York, NY 10016. Our Administrative offices only. Training offices are located throughout the NY metro area including NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Harlem and the Bronx. Once you register you get the exact location.
516-570-0754, email us